June 28, 2022

Custom Veterinary Services Hires Experienced R&D Executive Dr. Shiva Garimella as Vice President of R&D

MIAMI, April 29, 2022 – Custom Veterinary Services (“CVS”), a leading contract manufacturer in the pet
health community, is pleased to announce that Dr. Shiva Garimella will be joining us as Vice President of
R&D. Dr. Garimella will help accelerate CVS’ focus on driving innovation in all categories of pet health
and support our customer partners in their on-going product innovation.

Prior to joining CVS, Dr. Garimella was Director of Product Innovation at BSM Partners, where he was
focused on setting innovation pipelines for some of the top pet food companies. In his previous roles,
Dr. Garimella served as the Director of R&D at Solid Gold Pet Inc., as an accomplished Food Scientist at
PepsicCo, and as an R&D champion for Nutrish at Ainsworth Pet Nutrition. Dr. Garimella earned his MS
in Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota and PhD in Grain Science & Industry at
Kansas State University. A well-published researcher, Dr. Garimella brings a passion for animal wellness
and innovative research in pet nutrition.

“I am excited and humbled to be partnering with an innovator of Dr. Garimella’s caliber and enthusiasm.
Our goal at CVS is to provide our customers with a fully outsourced solution to delivering pet wellness to
their clients. Dr. Garimella, in partnership with our wonderful scientists on staff, will enable us to
enhance that offering and continue to grow as true innovators,” said Ruben Martinez, Founder &
President of CVS.

“We are constantly challenging ourselves to be the best resource for our customers. When Ruben and I
first met Dr. Garimella, we immediately knew he would make us better and as a result help make our
customers stronger. Dr. Garimella is a born leader and innovator. We are lucky to have him join us and
look forward to many award-winning products to come,” added Worth Turner, CEO of CVS.