Custom Veterinary Services

Truly Independent Contract Manufacturing for the Pet Products Industry

Your Innovation and Supply Chain Partners

We are a true one-stop-shop for your unique product development, manufacturing needs and supply chain needs. Our goal is to improve your life and the lives of our pets through our commitment to quality, innovation, and service.

Providing Customized Solutions for Your Product and Supply Chain Needs

Our team of formulating scientists collaborate with your team to custom develop formulas to your unique product goals. We will source new novel ingredients that maximize product efficacy and differentiation, while leveraging more than 50 years of collective formulating experience to ensure product success.

Our commitment to your business's success continues through to our supply chain execution. We are relentless about delivering your orders On-Time with 100% transparency, constant communication, a flexible and fast timeline, and best-in-class regulatory and quality oversight.

Your success drives our success.

Truly Independent Pet Care Contract Manufacturing | Custom Vet Services

Nutritional Supplements

(Soft Chews, Powders & Liquids)

Joint Care
Skin & Coat
Custom Formulation

Truly Independent Pet Care Contract Manufacturing | Custom Vet Services

Over The Counter (OTC) Drugs

Medicated Shampoos
Medicated Sprays
Medicated Ear Cleaners
Medicated Wipes
Medicated Lotions

Truly Independent Pet Care Contract Manufacturing | Custom Vet Services

Grooming Products

Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo
Essential Fatty Acid
Whitening Shampoo
Tearless Puppy Shampoo
Conditioning Spray
Refreshing Spray
Ear Cleanser
Easy Cleansing Wipes

Our People

Custom Veterinary Services was founded in 2005 by the Martinez family to provide high-quality, innovative animal health products manufacturing. Our ambition was to help our customers build their brands and improve the lives of all of our pets. We carry that mission still today with a team of over 200 people dedicated to improving the lives of our employees, our customers and our pets.

And we are proud to report that we are blessed with the best team in the business.

Quality Certifications


Custom Veterinary Services Hires Experienced R&D Executive Dr. Shiva Garimella as Vice President of R&D

CVS is pleased to announce that Dr. Shiva Garimella will be joining us as Vice President of R&D. Dr. Garimella will help accelerate CVS’ focus on driving innovation in all categories of pet health and support our customer partners in their on-going product innovation.

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