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Coprohagia Soft Chew

Highly palatable Soft Chew containing ingredients that help eliminate Coprohagia. Stops animal from eating stool.


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All of our soft chews are made with a very palatable flavor base using cheese, chicken, bacon or hickory flavors. Our flavor bases have been used for many, many years, with great acceptability and success. This highly palatable and highly effective soft chew will deter your animal from eating poop once and for all. Only days after starting the animal on these chews, it will try to, but not be able to eat the stool. Our formulation has been proven safe and very effective. ​

Quality Certifications

Our facility is registered with the FDA. We are cGMP compliant, as well as Food Safety & Modernization Act (FSMA) compliant. We are a preferred supplier for the NASC.

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